Amiga 500

Around the time of NES and the arcade, the Amiga 500 entered my life. The arcade stood for awesome graphics and quality but was limited to it's typical arcade genre of games. The Amiga had amazing innovation of gameplay in combination with awesome powerful hardware considering it's time. NES could not compete with any of this, yet the Amiga never became that very big in the US as it was in Scandinavia.

Amiga NES
Computation power Very good1 Bad2
Resolution 320x2563 256x240
Colors 32 on screen, Palette of 4096 53 fixed colors, 25 each scanline4.
Graphics power Very good, arbitrary Bad5
Memory 512Kb, 512Kb expansion6. 2Kb
Sound Very good7 Bad8
Unit price 699 USD 129.95 USD
Game Prices Cheap Expensive

After the total letdown of the Atari 600XL, I wanted to buy a machine that was really good and nothing second hand. So instead of buying a C64, I waited and bought an Amiga, even though I knew absolutely nothing about it. The only thing I've heard was that some kid had bought a computer which was much better than a C64 and that made me go to a shop and buy the only thing I thought it might be.

When I came home and for the first time inserted a disk in the floppy drive, I became really scared as the drive roared like a lion and gnarled like an angry pig. I thought I'd made a huge mistake like put the disk upside down but it was supposed to sound like that.

I was 12 years old and knew very little English. This was my road towards learning even if I wanted to or not. I remember having bought "Bards Tale" and it said "Insert Save Game Disk". As I had only gotten 1 disk with the game, I put that one into the drive. Then it said: "Disk is not formated. Do you want to format? Yes/No. As the game did not start up when I pushed no, I felt that the only option left was to push yes. After that experience I got a bit better understanding about what a formated disk was.

What a supercomputer the Amiga really was. The graphics was awesome, the sound was awesome and best of all, the games were totally awesome! It felt like no end to the game developers imagination. So very many new kind of games appeared that was nothing like the games I played before. I meant to write a small list, but that was not really possible with all the great games on the Amiga.

Favorite Games
Name Developer Year
Defender of the Crown Cinemaware 1986
The King of Chicago Cinemaware 1987
Ports of Call Aegis 1987
The Faery Tale Adventure MicroIllusions 1987
Silent Service MicroProse 1987
Fire Power Silent Software, Inc. 1987
Shadowgate Mindscape 1987
Kings Quest – Quest for the Crown Sierra 1987
Kings Quest 2 – Romancing the Throne Sierra 1988
Kings Quest 3 – To Heir Is Human Sierra 1989
Kings Quest 4 – The Perils Of Rosella Sierra 1990
Space Quest – The Sarien Encounter Sierra 1987
Space Quest 2 – Vohaul's Revenge Sierra 1988
Space Quest 3 – The Pirates of Pestulon Sierra 1989
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Sierra 1987
Police Quest – In Pursuit Of The Death Angel Sierra 1987
Gold Rush! Sierra 1988
Heros Quest aka Quest for Glory Sierra 1989
Hybris Cope-Com 1989
Quest for Glory II Sierra 1990
Test Drive 1 Distinctive Software 1987
Test Drive 2 – The Duel Distinctive Software 1989
ECO Denton Designs 1988
Gone Fish'n Unknown9 1988
F-18 Interceptor Electronic Arts 1988
International Karate +10 Software Studios (Activision) 1988
Captain Blood11 Exxos 1988
Barbarian Kixx 1988
Battle Chess Interplay 1988
Sim City Maxis 1988
Prince of Persia Broderbund 1989
Budokan – The Martial Spirit Electronic Arts 1989
Elite Mr. Micro 1989
Stunt Car Racer Micro Style 1989
Oil Imperium reLINE 1989
North & South Infogrames 1989
Shadow of the Beast Reflections Interactive 1989
Kick Off Anco 1989
Turrican12 Factor 5 1989
Turrican II13 Factor 5 1991
Populous Bullfrog 1989
Populous 2 Bullfrog 1991
Nuclear War New World Computing 1990
Panza Kick Boxing14 Futura 1990
Best Of The Best: Championship Karate Futura 1993
Silk Worm Tecmo 1990
James Pond Vectordean 1990
Wings Cinemaware 1990
LotusEsprite Turbo Challenge Magnetic Fields 1990
Loom Lucasarts 1990
Eye of the Beholder Westwood Studios 1990
Super Cars Magnetic Fields 1990
Super Cars 2 Magnetic Fields 1991
Street Rod P2K 1990
Street Rod 2 P.Z.Karen Co. Development Group & Logical Design Works 1991
4D Sports Boxing Distinctive Software 1991
Black Crypt Raven Software 1991
Lemmings Psygnosis 1991
Monkey Island Lucas Arts 1991
Moonstone - A Hard Days Knight Mindscape 1991
Another World Delphine Software 1991
Metal Masters Incal 1991
Utopia Celestial Software 1991
Mega Lo Mania Sensible Software 1991
Deuteros – The Next Millennium Activision 1991
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark15 Horrorsoft 1991
Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis Lucasarts 1992
Lure of the Temptress Revolution Software 1992
Dune Cryo 1992
Dune 2 Westwood 1993
Goblins Coktel 1992
Goblins 2 – The Prince Buffoon Coktel 1993
Goblins 3 Coktel 1994
Pinball Dreams Digital Illusions 1992
Pinball Fantasies Digital Illusions 1993
Pinball Illusions Digital Illusions 1995
Cannon Fodder Sensible 1993
Simon The Sorcerer Adventure Soft 1993
Flashback Delphine Software 1993
Worms Team 17 1995
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