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1986 was the year I moved to Mörrum (same year as NES was released in europe). In this gaming era, the graphics and overall quality of the games were a lot higher in the arcade than the home consoles. The games were first and foremost made for the arcade, but if proven a hit, some got released onto other platforms. My destiny ended me up as a neighbor to the local kiosk where they had an old garbage shed, which they remade into keeping an arcade cabinet. There were no heat in this small little room and yet I almost lived there even during the winter. The guy that rented out the arcade cabinet to the kiosk certainly knew his games. Many of the most wonderful classics arrived to this little shed which made it feel like entering into other dimensions.

My days usually consisted of collecting cans to get enough coins to play. As I was practically living there, I was almost always the first one to play which made many others totally pissed off as they could not beat my score. It usually ended up with them pulling the cord, thus resetting the scoreboard. But my skill also proved fortunate as some people payed me to play in order to see the end of the games.

My absolute favorite of all the games I played in the little shed was "IKARI Warriors". It had great gameplay, graphics, music and you could play 2 player cooperative. It had a unique rotary joystick that turned 360° allowing you shoot and throw grenades in all directions which also made the gameplay very unique. You could upgrade your weapons which did a big difference in gameplay. If you got stronger hand grenades you could easily kill many enemies in one hit but then you had to be really careful not to kill yourself in the same blast.

I remember when Express Raider arrived and it was in the middle of the winter. The snow twirled around the feet and it was extremely cold. For some reason the plastic on the top of the joystick was broken, making it very cold to hold the iron shaft. There were also something wrong with the grounding of the machine which made the shaft mildly electrified. You had to hold the shaft really hard not to feel the electricity. Even though I had to walk around in the snow, collecting cans and endure the cold and the pain while playing, it was totally worth the excitement of playing.

Express Raider - Arcade
Express Raider - C64
The arcade games in the little shed came to and end after some vandals destroyed the cabinet. For me it felt like an old friend had been killed, and in a way, so it was. The time of entering into another dimension through the little shed was over.

Favorite Games from the little shed in Mörrum's kiosk
Name Developer Year Information Video
Crazy Climber Nichibutsu 1980 Wikipedia Video
Xevious Namco 1982 Wikipedia Video
Vastar Sesame Japan 1983 Wikipedia Video
1942 Capcom 1984 Wikipedia Video
Bomb Jack Tehkan 1984 Wikipedia Video
Gaplus (Galaga 3) Namco 1984 Wikipedia Video
Paperboy Atari Games 1984 Wikipedia Video
Choplifter Sega 19851 Wikipedia Video
Commando Capcom 1985 Wikipedia Video
Galivan – Cosmo Police Nichibutsu 1985 GH Video
Ghost'n Goblins Capcom 1985 Wikipedia Video
Nemesis2 Konami 1985 Wikipedia Video
Green Beret Konami 1985 Wikipedia Video
Gun Smoke Capcom 1985 Wikipedia Video
King of Boxer Woodplace 1985 Wikipedia Video
Section Z Capcom 1985 Wikipedia Video
Terra Cresta Nichibutsu 1985 Wikipedia Video
Yie Ar Kung-Fu Konami 1985 Wikipedia Video
Arkanoid Taito 1986 Wikipedia Video
Dangar - UFO Robo Nichibutsu 1986 GH Video
Express Raider Data East USA 1986 GH Video
Fire Trap Data East 1986 GH Video
Ikari Warriors SNK 1986 Wikipedia Video
KiKi KaiKai Taito Corporation 1986 Wikipedia Video
Lifeforce3 Konami 1986 Wikipedia Video
Rampage Bally Midway 1986 Wikipedia Video
The Speed Rumbler4 Capcom 1986 GH Video
Rygar Tecmo 1986 Wikipedia Video
Tokio5 Taito Corportation 1986 Wikipedia Video
Trojan Capcom 1986 Wikipedia Video
1943 Capcom 1987 Wikipedia Video
Arkanoid – Revenge of DOH Taito Corporation 1987 Wikipedia Video
Bionic Commando Capcom 1987 Wikipedia Video
Black Dragon Capcom 1987 Wikipedia Video
Double Dragon Technos 1987 Wikipedia Video
Shinobi Sega 1987 Wikipedia Video
Terra Force Nichibutsu 1987 GH Video
Tiger Road Capcom 1987 Wikipedia Video
Cabal Tad 1988 Wikipedia Video
Silk Worm Techmo 1988 Wikipedia Video
Gradius 2 Konami 1988 Wikipedia Video
Double Dragon 2 – The Revenge Technos 1988 Wikipedia Video

And as I mention arcade games I just have to mention my favourite movie at that time. "The Last Starfighter" from 19846. It was the first movie to have fully computer rendered scenes. The story was about a guy living in a small trailer park, playing an arcade space-shooter. As he managed to beat the highscore, he was picked up by a real alien to do it all again. But this time for real to save the universe.

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