Atari 600XL
Atari 600XL

I bought my first computer in 1984 and it was an Atari 600XL. I bought it from a friend who himself bought a Commodore 64 for about the same amount of money that I paid for the Atari. Little did I know that I had made a very bad deal. Getting software or even information on how to use the machine was quite impossible for me as I was only 9 years old in 1984, had no knowledge in English or computers, no Internet, my kind parents knew absolutely nothing about computers and I knew no one that had one or knew anything about it. To make matters worse it did not function as it should. The only thing I could do was playing Centepede which I had on cartridge and write the the most basic code in the history of basic which was:

10 print "Rickard"
20 goto 10

which flooded the screen with the text of my choice. I became quite depressed when I realized how much better off I would have been with a Commodore 64.

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