The dreamcast was a really great console and this time Sega made all the right things. Sadly people did not really trust them and waited for the Playstation 2 instead of buying it. I never could afford one at this point in my life, but I lent it of a friend of mine and bought Soul Calibur.

Soul Calibur was the next step after Tekken. It's graphics was awesome and this was the first time I had seen motion capture in a fighting game. I sat in awe, looking at introduction katas. The gameplay was fantastic with a huge difference between the characters and still very balanced.

The graphic of Shenmue was a milestone. It felt like playing a life-simulator. It was impressive the first hour, but the gameplay was sadly very weak. I put it on my list because of it's graphical impression and not for it's gameplay value.

Favorite Games
Name Developer Year
Crazy Taxi Hitmaker, Strangelite Sega Studios Shanghai 1999
Power Stone Capcom 1999
Soul Calibur Namco 1999
Resident Evil Code: Veronica Nextech, Flagship 2000
Shenmue Sega AM2 2000
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