Neo Geo
Neo Geo

The NEO GEO was no ordinary home console. It was a powerful arcade machine pushed into the shell of a home console. But the power had an equally powerful price on both the console and the games. And the games were HUGE, both in data and physical size, which made them very expensive to manufacture. To conquer this problem, SNK released in 1994, four years after its cartridge-based equivalent, another console, the NEO GEO CD. As it was an Arcade machine, the games became typical arcade games. But you could actually use the memory card from the home console to save your game even in the arcades. The NEO GEO enjoyed a market lifespan of 14 years, selling the last cartridge in 2004.

Art of Fighting 2 was a fantastic game for this console. I bought it for 2700kr ($300+), inclusive shipping. Even though I was pretty poor and had to sell my Super Nintendo and all the games to be able to buy this, it was all worth it. This was the fighting game that made me a master feet fighter. I remember when a friend who did not know about my ability to play with my feet said "Your so good that you have to play with your feet if I'm gonna have a chance." Not that he had a chance but what a wonderful opportunity to get a bowl of ice cream, eat, play and kick ass.

Release date JP October 29, 1988
NA August 14, 1989
EU November 30, 1990
JP November 21, 1990
NA September 1991
EU April 11, 1992
AUS July 3, 1992
Console price NA $190 $199 $399.99
Game Price NA 50$ $60-$70 Around $300
CPU 16Bit Motorola 68000 7.6MHz 16bit 65816 3.58MHz 16bit 68000 running at 12.5MHz
Memory 72K RAM, 64K video RAM 128K RAM, 64K video RAM 64K RAM plus 68K VRAM
Cartridge Size 4 MB 48 Mbit at FastROM speed
total 117.75 Mbit
330 Mbit
later around 716 Mbit
Resolution 320x224 512x448 320x224
Colors 61+3 transparent of 512 267 of 32,768 4,096 of 65,536
Sprites 80, 32x32 128, 32x32 380, 16x512 (programmable)
Sound 10 channel stereo
provided by a Z80 processor
8 channel stereo 15 channel stereo
provided by a Z80 processor

Favorite Games
Name Developer Year
Cyber-Lip SNK 1990
Alpha Mission 2 SNK 1991
Crossed Swords ADK 1991
Robo Army SNK 1991
Sengoku SNK 1991
Sengoku 2 SNK 1993
Mutation Nation SNK 1992
Samurai Showdown SNK 1993
Samurai Showdown II SNK 1994
Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood SNK 1995
Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge SNK 1996
Art of Fighting 2 SNK 1994
Magical Drop 2 Data East 1996
Magical Drop 3 Data East 1997
Metal Slug Nazca 1996
Metal Slug 2 SNK 1998
Metal Slug X SNK 1999
Metal Slug 3 SNK 2000
Shock Troopers Saurus 1997
Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad Saurus 1998
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