Nostalgia Simulator

At the moment nostalgia simulator is only a music video / demoscene demo, but my dream is different. I want the magic that only existed in the past come to life in the future.

The game concept

The idea is to create a game basically made of easter eggs. You explore the world and see what you can find. Everything is referencing movies and games mainly from the 80's and 90's. Maybe you find the W.O.P.R computer and try to hack it. Or you find a nice looking arcade cabinet named Polybius and start playing it. How about finding a Starfighter and taking it for a ride?

In this world anything is possible and everything exists for real. You find things, pick them up and play with them. I want to create this world as an ever expanding universe where I continue to expand it.


This dream is riddled with challenges. The hardest is legal challenges due to handling items from copyrighted works. Then there's managing to get money in order to survive while working on this project. The making of the game itself is just time and effort so that's not going to stop me.

Help needed

Do you find this game concept something you would like to support in any way? Ideas, assets or legal advice, then please join my Nostalgia Simulator Discord page!

Discord channel:

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