Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift

VR had been on my mind since the late 80's. I tried an early version of VR in the early 90's but that experience was not the greatest. I didn't use my glasses in the helmet and the resolution was extremely low, so I could barely see what was going on. This didn't discourage my dream of entering the Virtual Reality. In my imagination I knew exactly what I wanted and I knew that this was the inevitable future. I had to wait 20 years but when I saw an early gaffa taped prototype from Mr John Carmack I knew that the future was just around the corner and this was what I've been waiting for. As soon as Palmer Luckey started the kickstarter for the Rift I jumped on board. March 29, 2013 was the release date for the Development kit 1 and I got it soon after that date. When I tried it out I hadn't had such an awestruck moment since I played the afterburner simulation unit in the arcade 1987! The future was here and I was a part of it! As a thank you from Oculus for being part of the Kickstarter they did something truly wonderful. They gave everyone a free Rift. I got it soon after it's release of March 28 2016.

Favorite Games
Name Developer Year
Elite Dangerous Frontier Developments 2015-04-021
BlazeRush Targem Games 2014-10-28
Project CARS Slightly Mad Studios 2015-03-16
Radial-G : Racing Revolved Tammeka Games 2016-03-28
Lucky's Tale Oculus 2016-03-28
Esper: The Collection Coatsink 2016-03-28
Darknet E McNeill 2016-03-28
AirMech: Command Carbon Games 2016-03-28
Chronos Gunfire Games LLC 2016-03-28
Vanishing Realms Indimo Labs LLC 2016-04-05
The Climb Crytek 2016-04-28
Omega Agent Fireproof Games 2016-05-04
Edge of Nowhere Insomniac Games 2016-06-06
Blasters of the universe The Secret Location 2016-06-14
Eleven table tennis VR For Fun Labs 2016-06-20
Damaged Core High Voltage Software, Inc. 2016-08-30
Solitaire VR Tripp Inc 2016-08-31
Redout 34BigThings srl 2016-09-02
Far Beyond: A space odyssey VR Mains Digitales Interactive 2016-10-28
Space Pirate Trainer I-Illusions 2016-12-05
Viral EX Fierce Kaiju 2016-12-05
Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope Devolver Digital 2016-12-05
SuperHot VR SuperHot 2016-12-05
Thumper Drool LLC 2016-12-19
Ultrawings Bit Planet Games, LLC 2017-02-21
Knockout League Grab Games 2017-01-24
Vector 36 Red River Studio LLC 2017-01-25
Tethered Secret Sorcery 2017-02-27
Robo Recall Epic Games 2017-03-01
Airtone Amusement Media Academy INC. 2017-06-08
Witchblood Hidden Path Entertainment 2017-06-08
The Mage's Tale inXile entertainment Inc. 2017-06-20
Form Charm Games 2017-06-01
Titan Slayer COLOPL, Inc 2017-06-01
Waltz of the Wizard Aldin 2017-03-29
Preta: Vendetta Rising Illion 2017-07-07

Favorite Experiences
Name Developer Year
Oculus Dreamdeck Oculus 2016-03-28
Showdown Epic Games 2016-04-12
Oculus First Contact Oculus 2016-12-02
theBlue: Season 1 WEVR 2016-12-05

Favorite Software
Name Developer Year
Modbox Alientrap 2016-04-05
BigScreen BigScreen 2016-08-19
Quill Story Studio 2016-11-29
Oculus Medium Oculus 2016-12-05
Kingspray Infectious Ape 2016-12-05
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