Philips Videopac G7000
Philips Videopack G7000


When I for the first time got to see a computer game I was totally hooked! It was “Gunman” on the “Philips Videopack G7000” aka “Magnavox Odyssey 2”. Gunman is a game where you have a gunfight against either the computer or a human player. There are lots of trees in the way and if you shoot at them, the shots will bounce around. That makes it possible for a player to hide behind the trees or use the trees to bounce the shots in very strange directions between the trees in hope of hitting the other player. This action may end up with shooting oneself. To be able to play this simple little game was the most fascinating thing I have ever done. I played it just recently with my childhood friend who I played with back in the old days and we laughed for hours. It's still a very fun multiplayer game.

G7000 had one big problem. It's joysticks. I do not think I was ever able to play more than 1 hour without any of the buttons breaking and they had no ergonomic design what so ever. It was literally a pain playing and that is almost an accomplishment due to the fact that I was not able to play for very long before they broke. I later modified the console by adding 2 "9 pin D-shell" connectors1 to be able to play with my favorite sticks such as TAC-2 or Konix Speedking.

There were 2 very unique titles which combined a table top game with the computer game. My friend bought "Conquest of Worlds" while I bought “Quest for the Rings”. The outcome of the battles on screen changed the movement of the tabletop map. I never bothered to play with the table top. The computer game was good enough without it. At that time I had no knowledge of English what so ever and didn't understand at all why all of the sudden I got to play another character than before. It took a while before I noticed that according to what text that were scrolling at the bottom of the screen, your character changed . The words were “Warrior”, Wizard, “Magician” and “Phantom”. What an excitement to be able to kill horrific monsters and try to sneak past a gigantic dragon that covered half the screen! Well… it felt that way back then. Take a look for yourself at the horrific firebreathing dragon on the screenshot below.

Quest for the Rings

Favorite Games
Name Developer Year
4 - Air-Sea War - Battle Philips 1980
14 - Gunfighter Philips 1980
15 - Samurai Philips 1980
20 - Stone Sling Philips 1980
33 - Jumping Acrobats Philips 1981
34 - Satellite Attack Philips 1981
37 - Monkeyshines Philips 1982
38 - Munchkin Philips 1982
39 - Freedom Fighters Philips 1982
40 - 4 in 1 Row Philips 1982
41 - Conquest of the World Philips 1982
42 - The Quest for the Rings Philips 1982
43 - Pick Axe Pete Philips 1982
49 - Turtles Philips 1983
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