12 O'clock Studios

During my stay at 12 O'clock I've mostly been working as an animation artist, editing motion capture data. The raw data lacked any animation for the hands. This did not only include moving the hand/fingers in a lifelike, correct manner, but also interacting with all kinds of objects. Leaning, pushing, picking up or throwing objects. Also fixing any other bodypart not correctly touching the environment or even the character itself. Some animations had to be done from scratch, making them look motion captured in the first place.

These videos only shows the animations. Nothing else is complete or done by me.
If the gun pickup animation makes no sense it's because the final model will only have one arm.

Digital Games

Course Listing

Basics in media techniques

One of the first projects was to create a picture for a commercial in which the original picture was deleted. This is the picture I made without the commercial logos and text.


At the end of the course we had a 5 weeks project to create a movie. This was a group assignment made by 5 people. The result was an Interactive DVD called "The Good, The Bad & The Smart". We had to write a manuscript, film & edit it all in 5 weeks. I came up with the idea of making the movie interactive to bring it closer to gaming.

For a full written movie review click here.

Review written by "Soo Good Hong Kong DVD Movie Reviews".

Never Winter Nights Mod

During the second year we did a mod for Never Winter Nights. The class was separated into 5 groups. Each group did a concept mod for everyone to choose the main one to work with. I came up with the groundwork for the idea of my group which I called "The Mind of a Dragon".


I made this picture for the presentation of my group's concept. Ours was voted second best but wasn't created, mainly due to it sounding too ambitious for the course requirements. I myself think that my groups mod would have been an easier choice as it's scenario was very similar to the world of Never Winter Nights and thus all earlier content could have been put to use.

Blender 3D

During 4 special projects I had the possibility of choosing my own area of study. I chose to study Blender 3D as it's a professional quality 3D modelling tool even though it' totally free. It also has and a very simple game engine which I used a lot to conceptualise my ideas.

Click here to view how I created and realised concepts for spaceships while learning the modelling part of Blender.

I made this concept prototype as part of a space rpg/shooter.
Landing test.zip

Graduation work - Biosteel

I made a proof of concept for a spaceshooter-fighting game. I was pretty happy with the result, even though I was a bit restricted by the technology chosen to create the concept. It was a very interesting experience. I learned a lot because I had to go through all the creative steps myself. The only thing I didn't do personally was the music. Please remember it was made as a proof of concept for it's gameplay so the graphics are just simple placeholders. It also lacks depth where I would like to expand gameplay to a full game.


Read the full account of my graduation work for further details.

Master in Game Design

Game Design Methods

During the course "Game Design Methods" we were told to create 1 proof of concept each week based on certain restrictions.
I made these 2 prototypes myself.

Two other game concepts were done. These were group projects.

Game Systems Engineering

During the course "Game Systems Engineering" were we had to come up with one concept each and present it to the group. One concept was then chosen and developed. This is the slideshow for the presentation of my game concept. I wanted to illustrate the core gameplay whilst keeping options open concerning final realisation.
Bouncy Presentation.pdf

Psychological and cognitive scientific perspective on digital gameplay

My project was a study on how intense gaming affects reaction time.
Intense gaming effects.pdf

Design science project in development of digital games

For a long time I've questioned why mathematics is taught the way it is. To me the usual way is ineffective and boring. During this project I delved into this problem and created a framework for a more fun and efficient learning system.
Mathmind Project Report v1.0.pdf



No, I don't usually look like this while voiceacting. This image comes from a play I did 1995 with the local theatre "Teatersmedjan" after 3 years of practise. The play was called "Det är han som är Hanzon". Even if I haven't done any professional voiceacting yet, I've done voices for games in school and I cant help but doing funny voices at home or to cheer people up.

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